Hikyskin Glow

3-in-1 Cooling Hair Removal Device
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Color: White
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Newest Ice-cooling System

Clinical-grade ice-touch technology , constant temperature of 41°F.
Enjoy a painless hair removal experience in the comfort of your own home.

9-Level High Energy Level - Targeted Treatment

The upgraded automatic sliding mode can emit a flash every 0.9 seconds, quickly completing full body hair removal in just 8 minutes, and effectively reducing spots and acne scars

Precise Treatment

To achieve optimal results, utilize a dedicated mode for specific body areas. This guarantees the use of the most effective energy range, ensuring precise and pain-free hair removal while maintaining skin integrity.

9 Modes, 9 Intensity Levels

Keep your skin flawless and say goodbye to the hassle of last-minute hair removal. With the powerful power of AI08 19.8J, you can get salon-grade visible results in just 2 weeks

Targeted Treatment

Filtered high-energy light ensures effective IPL hair removal while blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting the skin, and enhancing comfort

Precision Hair Removal at Its Best

Our device, with a 600-1200nm wavelength and salon-grade precision, targets hair follicles directly for efficient results. One session equals two , minimizing wasted light energy

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