Does it hurt during the hair removal process?
No, it doesn't. We use the Ice-Cooling Sync Technology, which cools and repairs the skin while removing hair, ensuring a painless experience.

Is the hair removal effect the same as in a beauty salon?
Yes, the effect is the same. We use IPL pulse technology to target the melanin in the hair follicles, which absorbs the specific wavelength of light and generates heat to inhibit hair growth. With regular use, the hair becomes finer and less visible, achieving long-lasting hair removal results.

How long does it take to see results with the hair removal device?
Results can be seen in about four weeks when the device is used regularly according to the hair growth cycle, three times a week. Once results are visible, the frequency of use can be reduced while maintaining regular sessions. The hair becomes finer and less visible as the follicles continue to shrink until they completely fall off, preventing hair regrowth.

Will the skin have enlarged pores or blackheads after use?
No, it won't. The hair papilla will be expelled from the body through metabolism, and the pores will also contract to some extent under the influence of the device. Therefore, there will be no blackheads or enlarged pores.

Is the hair removal device safe? Are there any side effects?
Based on the IPL principle, it is evident that IPL only affects the dark-colored hair follicles, making it safe for the rest of the skin. With proper operation, using a hair removal device is very safe and does not have any side effects.

How to use the laser hair removal?
1.Shave the surface hair
2.Connect the power plug
3.Wear the goggles to protect eyes
4.Adjust suitable energy level
5.Put the device on treatment at 90° and press the flash button to start
6.After finished , apply some lotion to moisturize the skin

What is the difference between this ice point hair removal device and other styles of hair removal device?
HIKYSKIN ice point hair removal instrument has been comprehensively upgraded on the basis of the traditional hair removal instrument. In order to solve the painful feeling during the use of traditional IPL hair removal instrument, we innovatively added the physical ice point function. You only need to press the button of the ice point function, you can use the ice point mode to reduce the heat and pain brought by the hair removal instrument, to achieve real painless hair removal.

Will this work on people with dark skin?
The laser hair removal does not work on dark skin.

As dark skin has a higher content of melanin, the energy of the hair removal device will be absorbed by the skin during the treatment. So how to ensure the safety and effect of hair removal of dark skin users is a problem faced by all hair removal devices on the market.

Because it is difficult to clearly determine the skin tone through text, if you are not sure whether your skin tone is suitable for using our device, please take a photo of your skin to send us, and we will have professionals to analyze for you.

Will this work on people with red/blonde hair?

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