Hikyskin Clean-1 Disinfection IPL Hair Removal Device

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Pioneering UV+UV Disinfection Base

The new generation of ice touch technology, automatic cooling, comfortable and non damaging to the skin, with ice application and hair removal all in one. The skin sensation drops directly to 10 ° C-30 ° C, bidding farewell to high temperature and burning pain

R2 PRO IPL Hair Removal Device

Precise Treatment

To achieve optimal results, utilize a dedicated mode for specific body areas. This guarantees the use of the most effective energy range, ensuring precise and pain-free hair removal while maintaining skin integrity.

Precision Perfected

Enhanced with follicle depth detection, our device automatically adjusts the wavelength, maximizing removal effectiveness by precisely targeting the hair roots.

UV Disinfection Base: Protect Skin

Our hair removal device comes equipped with an advanced UV disinfection base, offering comprehensive skin protection. This base is more than just a regular sterilization device; it utilizes UV technology to deeply disinfect, eradicating bacteria and viruses, ensuring the health and safety of your

Rapid And Safe Hair Removal

Say goodbye to lengthy sessions – you can remove hair from your entire body in just 10 minutes. Our device's rapid activation ensures swift and efficient hair removal, making the process effortless and convenient. Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin in a fraction of the time with our innovative technology.

Before & After

Revolutionizing hair removal frequency, Suitable for use anywhere hair grows.

Comprehensive ice feeling, painless hair removal and more comfortable

New generation ice touch technology, automatically cools down without hurting the skin​

Dual mode, scientifically meeting the hair removal needs of different parts

0.8 seconds for quick flashes, achieving full-body hair removal in just 10 minutes.

Complete hair removal without leaving dark spots​

14J high-energy flashes, surpassing traditional hair removal devices.

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